Welcome to Tech Advisor! (Updated 10/8/20)

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Welcome one and all to Tech Advisor!

On Tech Advisor, you'll find assistance for anything tech related. Keep in mind that since Tech Advisor is brand new (started 9/27/20), there isn't going to be many users. So if you do find this website, please share it with your friends!

When posting anything on this site, you must abide by our rules:

You are free to post:

  • Questions about computers, consoles, computer parts, etc.

  • Software Installers/ Serial keys*

  • Your own personal creations! Share them with the world!

  • General technology discussion

  • Memes**

Your post or account will be deleted if you post:

  • Malware/ Viruses

  • Scams/ Phishing

  • Piracy

  • Illeagal torrents

  • Overall sketchy content

Thank you for registering on Tech Advisor and looking over the rules!

*This is mostly intended to be for old softwares that are no longer attainable. Such as Adobe CS2.

**Do not post inappropriate content. First post: Post Deleted. Second post: Post Deleted + Warning. Third Post: Post Delted + Account Banned.

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